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I enjoy making the world a pretty place because pretty things make me happy. For me, there is nothing prettier than my darling car, Stormie, my Puma Thunder. She is a bit beaten up but myself, my husband, and other car-buddies are helping fix her up. Feel the love!

Subversive things tickle me – I’m a lover of Banksy’s work and alternative music and clothing. 1940s and 1950s clothing is my favourite!

Despite my site’s sickly sweet theme, I’m not all pink and fluffy; my heart belongs to horror, thrillers, ghosts and ghoulies. My spare time is mainly spent with my car, attending cool events like Ford Fair, MCM Comic Con and Eurogamer, or spending time with my friends, chatting blissful nonsense. Oh, and I love cats - look out for cat ipsum in my portfolio (who uses lorem ipsum anymore?)!

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Essex-based, not a "TOWIE" wannabe

< No veneers in here!

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After graduating back in 2007, I joined the real world with print-based projects at the forefront of my mind. However, across my career as graphic designer, "E-newsletter Queen", web executive and creative executive, I have slowly been scooting my seat closer to email and web design. It's been fun! Digital marketing is a fast-moving place and so darn interesting.

I’m a stickler for getting it right. If it’s broken, I have to work out a solution. Honestly. I have an insane urge to help people and fix things. Darn, now you know my weakness - use it wisely!


Posters, flyers, business cards, logo design, e-comms design (including e-newsletters, e-invites, e-alerts), invitations, adverts ...little bit of web, web pages including creating banners for web pages and signatures on forums, social media scheduling, any kind of scheduling, I love a good plan!

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